W pałacowych wnętrzach odnajdą Państwo ukojenie duszy, ciała i zmysłów. W harmonii z naturą, bez codziennego stresu możecie Państwo skosztować relaksu ożywiającego ciało i uzdrawiającego zmysły. Piękne ciało, zdrowa cera - a to wszystko dzięki naturze.

W naszym salonie używamy kosmetyków francuskiej marki Thalgo La Beaute Marine, która od ponad 50 lat jest jednym z liderów na świecie w dziedzinie SPA i thalasoterapii. Marka ta stawia na innowacyjne receptury oparte na naturalnych morskich składnikach i rzetelnych badaniach laboratoryjnych. Thalgo to gwarancja prestiżu i profesjonalizmu, a logo tej firmy to jedno z najsilniejszych znaków kosmetyki profesjonalnej w Polsce i na świecie.

Face treatment
Body treatment
Cosmetic treatments

Face treatment

Delicate skincare

Soothing treatment with the extract from blueberry

It sooth skin irritation and allergic reactions. It has antiphlogistic properties and strengthens blood vessels. It is suitable for irritated skin, redness prone skin, and skin with impaired barrier function. Extract from Correze blueberry, cloudberry and passion flowers reduces redness, strengthens blood vessels and sooths skin irritation.

Duration - 60 min.
Price - 180 zł

Moisturising treatment with the extract from bamboo

It is suitable for dehydrated skin, lacking firmness and peel prone skin. It is perfect for skin with hydrolipidic deficiency and brings immediate relied to dehydrated skin. Extract from bamboo, hyaluronic acid and collagen balance the skin functions, increase skin hydration and elasticity, as well as advances skin regeneration, which makes skin smooth, moisturised and elastic.

Duration - 60 min.
Price - 180zł

Oxygenating treatment with honey

It is suitable for the skin with unhealthy, grey color and uneven structure. Everyone who are subject to cigarette smoke and other pollutants will take advantage of this treatment. Acacia honey makes the skin more fresh, promotes even skin tone and stimulates microcirculation. This treatment takes advantage of the natural substances contained in the preparations, which prevent increased production of free radicals and skin dehydration, as well as advance skin cells reconstruction. Honey treatment is particularly recommended before banquets and other celebrations and events..

Duration - 60 min.
Price - 180 zł

Microdermabrasion with the extract from red fruit

This is a microdermabsarion, lifting treatment with AHA. It is recommended for the skin with the first wrinkles, skin with unhealthy grey tone and hyperpigmentation. It uses the extracts from red fruits such as pomegranate, cranberries or raspberries. It provides intense firming effect on the face and neck, promotes even skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation. It’s an effective refreshing treatment for your skin.

Duration - 45 min.
Price- 180 zł

Collagen eye pads

They are very effective!
Depending on the content, collagen eye pads have anti-wrinkle, moisturising, firming, regenerating or smoothing properties. They reduce wrinkles and postpones ageing processes. The skin becomes smooth and soft, firm and lifted. They reduce bags and swelling under eyes.

Duration - 30 min.
Price - 30 zł

Collagen face mask

Perfect rejuvenating treatment for the skin needing immediate relief, smoothing, nourishing and regeneration. It has anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties, as well as reduces existing wrinkles. This treatment moisturises skin and provides skin hydration in its deeper layers, making the skin smooth and elastic. And you will surely feel relaxed.

Duration - 30 min.
Price - 70 zł

Body treatment

Moments of pleasure

Slimming treatment Ginger - Viola alpina - Caffeine

This treatment improves slimming, cellulite treatment and skin firming. Extracts from ginger, viola alpina and caffeine advances lypolisis, improves elastin synthesis and increases ability to metabolise fat. It starts with refreshing scrub, which smooths the skin and exfoliates epidermis. Then, the firming massage advances fat metabolism. The treatment ends with an anti-cellulite mask and super-slimming serum with chilli extract.

Duration - 90-120 min.
Price - 250 zł

Caramel treatment

This treatment recalls sweet memories of the childhood. It gives you an absolute relaxation, both for your body and soul. Special scrub with caramel butter and Guerande marine salt gives the effect of the “new skin”. Then a nourishing caramel mask is applied on the whole body. The treatment also involves relaxing massage with coconut oil, thanks to which the skin becomes smooth and moisturised. It ends with super-moisturising caramel body milk.

Duration - 90-120 min.
Price - 250 zł

Professional scrub with grapefruit

Energising scrub of innovative content to be used in professional studios. The body is subject to immediate detoxification, and intense smoothing gives the effect of the “new skin”.

Duration - 20 min.
Price - 100 zł

Cosmetic treatments

Ritual for the beauty


Trial make-up 60 zł
Wedding make-up 120 zł
Occasional make-up 100 zł
Casual make-up 50 zł


Cavitation peeling/sonophoresis 50 zł
Cavitation peeling + Sonophoresis 80 zł
Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + mask 100 zł


Face, neck and neckline 60 zł
Classic full body 140 zł
Classic part of the body 70 zł
Relaxing and shaping full body 150 zł
Relaxing and shaping part of the body 75 zł
Hot stones full body 160 zł
Hot stones part of the body 80 zł

Mini spa for little ladies

Rainbow nail polish 25 zł
Nail polish 20 zł
Nail polish + ornaments 30 zł
Raspberry face mask 30 zł
Little princess make-up 40 zł
Face painting 30 zł

Face treatment

Oxygenating treatment with honey makes your skin look healthy and beautiful 180 zł
Moisturising treatment with bambooskin nourishing, smoothing and moisturising 180 zł
Smoothing treatment with blueberry relief for irritated and redness prone skin 180 zł
AHA treatment with microdermabrasion early Anti Ageing treatment 180 zł
Collagen eye pads 30 zł
Collagen face mask 70 zł

Body treatment

Professional body scrub 100 zł
Ginger slimming treatment skin firming, anti-cellulite 250 zł
Caramel hydrating treatment skin nourishing and smoothing 250 zł

Hands care

Manicure + colour nail polish 60 zł
Manicure + French manicure 70 zł
Manicure for men 50 zł
Hands spa treatment (peeling, massage, mask) 50zł
Hands spa treatment + manicure and nail polish 90-100 zł
Paraffin treatment (peeling, massage, paraffin) 60 zł
Paraffin treatment + manicure and nail polish 110-120 zł
Colour hybrid manicure 90 zł
French hybrid manicure 100 zł
Hybrid removal 40 zł
Colour nail polish/French manicure 20/30 zł

Foot care

Pedicure + colour nail polish 100 zł
Pedicure + French pedicure 110 zł
Pedicure for men 90 zł
Foot spa treatment (peeling, massage, mask) 60 zł
Foot spa treatment + pedicure and nail polish 130-140 zł
Paraffin treatment (peeling, massage, paraffin) 70 zł
Paraffin treatment + pedicure and nail polish 150-160 zł
Hybrid pedicure 140 zł
French hybrid pedicure 150 zł
Hybrid removal 50 zł


Eyebrow waxing 20 zł
Upper lip waxing 20 zł
Chin waxing 20 zł
Upper lip + chin waxing 30 zł
Armpit waxing 30 zł
Bikini waxing 40-50 zł
Legs waxing 80-100 zł
Shin or thigh waxing 40-50 zł
Arms waxing 40-50 zł
Back waxing 70-80 zł
Chest waxing 50-60 zł

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyebrow shaping 15 zł
Eyebrow or eyelash tinting 20 zł
Complete tinting (with eyebrow shaping) 40 zł

Wellness Zone

Spa hydromassage bathtub and dry sauna (up to 2h/person.) 30 zł


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