Palace Domaniowski is a perfect place, where you can hold a business meeting or organise a family event. If your event includes a number of separate meetings, we can offer spacious and stylish conference and banquet rooms. Each event is tailored to the expectations and needs of our Guests. Thanks to our cooperation with the music bands and DJ, we can arrange special musical setting of your event. Moreover, to make your event even more attractive, we can arrange special performances and entertainment.


Comfort and convenience

In the Palace Domaniowski there are 42 conveniently furnished standard and deluxe rooms, which altogether gives 95 places to stay.
A price for the room includes breakfast and unlimited access to the Wellness Zone (dry sauna and hydromassage bathtub) and Fitness Zone (Cardio machines). Each room has facilities such as minibar (extras), hotel safe, telephone, LED television set and a hair dryer. Most rooms are also equipped with air conditioning. Within the whole hotel complex there is free WiFi available. Our hotel has a guarded parking lot. Parking costs are included in the price for the room.
Rooms in the Palace Domaniowski:

  • 7 single rooms
  • 28 double rooms
  • 7 Studio De Lux

Conference rooms

Created for business events

Due to its location and exceptional recreational and touristic advantages, Palace Domaniowski is the ideal place for organize conferences. For the purposes of organization of training meetings, conferences or marketing presentations, we provide our guests with modern conference facilities, consisting of five air-conditioned rooms with professional multimedia and audiovisual equipment.


Courses taught by specialists

Wine workshops

The wine workshops are run by an excellent sommelier. During the meeting, you will learn among others about such issues as: wine tasting techniques, three stages of tasting (eye, nose, and mouth), food and wine pairing, wine production, label reading, vine types and lots of other valuable information and advice. The tasting takes place in the picturesque Palace Domaniowski wine cellar, built in the middle of the 19th century, full of history and mysteries. Wine workshops are aimed at wine fans. They can be an excellent attraction of both company meetings and private celebrations. Amazing bouquet coming from dust-covered bottles of maturing wine will shift you into the state of relaxation, relieve your daily stress and troubles, and the sommelier will absorb you with tasting wine types from all over the world.

Cooking workshops

Our offer includes cooking workshopsfor companies and other interested group of guests. It is an exceptional integration event, during which the participants have a chance to prepare lunch or dinner of their own. Cooking workshops are meetings during which the participants collaborate actively with each other and in consequence, become a very well organized team. During that event, the participants are divided into teams consisting of a few people. Every team will have to deal with the task of preparing a dish that will be tasted by all workshop cooks during lunch or dinner. The teams will get from the person running the workshop equipment indispensable to prepare the dishes and a menu, including gram weights and recipes of the dishes. Our chef will supervise the course of common cooking and will be happy to give you some advice concerning what and how you can do to prepare your dishes at the possibly highest quality level.

Sushi workshops

The sushi workshopis an extraordinary adventure combined with the basic sushi preparation course. The Sushi Master will teach you how to prepare at home such traditional types of sushi as maki, nigiri or sashimi. He will tell you about the history of sushi origin, preparation of ingredients and fish treatment. During the workshop, the Sushi Master observes the participants attentively and provides valuable advice and instructions. Finally, the participants taste the sets prepared by them and drink jasmine tea. The Sushi Master awards the most professional performance evaluating the taste and aesthetic advantages of sushi. We invite you to be taken over to the mysterious climate of Japan, the Land of Cherry Blossom, where simple ingredients turn into a storm of tastes and delight the palates.


Business events

Palace game

Guests staying in our Palace will travel in the neighbourhood to search information about its history and past residents. However, participants must cooperate with each other to find their destination and learn more about forgotten past of this unique place. Groups of a few players will compete with each other in discovering the Palace secret, and in the end they will unite their forces to find the secrets together and win the prize.
All must be creative in solving faced problems. To succeed in the game it is good to be fit and open minded for historic experiences.


Catapults is a typical strategy game with only one aim: WIN THE COMPETITION! However, to achieve this goal, you need to adopt an effective strategy. Each team must develop a plan, which will allow them to build a catapult with their coat of arms. Of course all must be done within the specified time limit! To do so, the team needs to collect funds, buy tools and materials, and finally build siege engines. Efficient team management is the key to success: you need to know who builds the machines, who collects money and who is responsible for the supply.  We can organise this game for the maximum group of 120 players (8 teams) and the tasks must be completed within 3 hours.


Night spent in casino gives a great fun and unforgettable thrill. Our Guest are invited to take part in the great tournament, where they play roulette, black jack, poker and throw dice. During the tournament participants can change tables to find their luck with other croupiers. All players receive chips before entering a table game.

Shooting tournament

This offer is addressed for everyone interested in outdoor activities. Small and medium sized groups, of up to 50 players, can take part in this competition. No matter how old or fit you are, to can enjoy the shooting tournament. There are for shooting stands using different kind of firearms.

Virtual Olympics

This is a real 21st century programme, where virtual reality, miniaturisation, digital communication and advanced IT solutions meet. Thanks to it you can do business or take up sporting activities right from your armchair. Virtual Olympics use state of the art computers and move controllers, with which staying indoor you are able to play different sports.

Eco race

Eco Race Programme stems from popular orienteering or adventure racings, in which participants need to travel several or even several hundred kilometres in unfamiliar terrain using their own muscles. Eco Race is very similar, but of course we adapt the distance and tasks to the target group. Well-knit team is a key element of the programme. To succeed, the team needs to efficiently cooperate and do their best.

Family reunion

n the rush of everyday life and plenty of duties we must not forget about maintaining strong family relationships. Yet, not everyone finds time to call their relatives. We often don’t know, how went the life of the family members we haven’t heard from for a long time.

Therefore it is a good idea to reunite with your close and further relatives and meet in the Palace Domaniowski.

Off road

Off road is suitable for any kind of weather. No matter if the sun shines or the rain falls down, adrenalin thrill is wonderful! Participants travel across demanding terrain and face their own weaknesses. All teams follow the roadbooks. The route is very diverse. There are some transport stages on the asphalt and special stages on the gravel. Moreover, the drivers can test their off-road vehicle capabilities on a number of terrain obstacles.

Private event

Tailored specially for you

You can hold any private event in the Palace Domianiowski, which will be tailored specially to your needs and expectations. We are able to organise all kinds of business events, conferences, complex integration meetings and games. This is a place, where you can make a movie or a TV show, organise a training for the bloggers or a unique fashion show.