Domaniowska Restaurant is a perfect place to eat dinner with your family, meet with your friend for a cup of coffee or invite your business partner.

It is open from Monday to Friday from 1 p.m., and from noon during the weekend. Our house specialty is 'Pasztet Domaniowski', which is a perfectly creamy pâté de foie gras with the onion jam and home prepared pickle, and Duck breast stewed in red wine served on the potato puree and red cabbage.



Grilled camembert with pear chutney (vegetarian dish) allergen: cow`s milk 150g 18zł
Chard grilled king prowns with chili butter and white wine sauce allergen: prowns, garlic 150g 32zł
Porto wine chicken liver pate with onion marmalade and pickles 200g 17zł
Duck carpaccio with earl gray and brandy prunes 150g 18zł


Chicken broth with home made noodles allergeny: gluten 250ml 13zł
Roast pepper and tomato soup (vegetarian dish) 250ml 16zł
Regional fish soup allergen: fishes 250ml 18zł

Kids menu

Chicken broth with noodles allergen: gluten 150ml 10zł
Tomato soup with rice 150ml 10zł
Chicken pasta with tomato sauce allergen: gluten 150g 18zł
Chicken nuggets with chips and carrot salad 250g 18zł


Salad Caesar Salad with chard grilled chicken, backon and pine nuts allergen: nuts 250g 28zł
Salad Capresse Salad with tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella (vegetarian dish) allergen: cow`s milk 350g 24zł
Salad with goat cheese with pine nuts, pomegranate with raspberry and basil dressing (vegetarian dish) 250g 26zł


Tagiatelle with spinach, sun dry tomatoes and gorgonzola (vegetarian dish) allergen: gluten, Garlic, cow`s milk 300g 25zł
Papardele with smoked backon, chicken, wild mushroms, white wine cream sauce allergen: gluten, garlic 300g 29zł

Main Courses

Pork fillets with gratin potatoes, vegetables and honey mustard sauce allergen: honey, mustard 38zł
Steak with Porto souce, mix of salad, chard grilled tomato and chips 55zł
Roast chicken breast with green pepper sauce, backed potatoes and vegetables 32zł
Salmon with wild rice, fresh spinach, sweet and sour red pepperr sauce 38zł
Roast duck with braised red cabbage, mushed potatoes, red wine sauce 55zł


Panna Cotta with raspberry sauce allergen: cow`s milk 100g 17zł
Ice cream with fresh fruits and raspberry sauce allergen: cow`s milk 200g 17zł
Creme brulee allergen: cow`s milk 100g 17zł
Red wine and cinnamon pear served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis allergen: cow`s milk 250g 17zł
Pavlova meringue with strawberries and whipped cream allergen: cow`s milk 100g 16zł

Dear Guests,
on your request we will prepare vegan dish.
Please ask your waiter about detalis.

Hot drinks

Tea 5zł
Espresso 7zł
Cafe Americano 8zł
Capuccino 9zł
Latte Macchiato 14zł
Irish Coffee 19zł

Cold drinks

Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Mirinda, 7up, Schwepps Tonic 0.2l 7zł
Toma juice 0.2l 7zł
Fresh fruit juice 0.3l 15zł
Lipton Ice Tea 0.2l 7zł
Redbull 0.25l 9zł
Rockstar Energy Drink 0.25l 5zł
Mineral water 0.33l 5zł


Wódka Wyborowa 40ml/0.5l 7zł/70zł
Wódka Absolut (Blue, Citron, Ruby, Kurant) 40ml/0.5l 9zł/100zł
Wódka Baczewski 40ml/0.5l 9zł/100zł
Jack Daniels Whiskey 40ml/0.7l 12zł/200zł
Seagram`s Gin 40ml 9zł
Rum Havana Club 40ml 10zł
Tequila Sauza Gold 40ml 14zł
Baileys 40ml 11zł
Likier melon 20ml 7zł
Creme de manthe green 20ml 7zł
Curacao blue 20ml 7zł
Amaretto 20ml 7zł
Creme de bananas 20ml 7zł
Kahlua 20ml 7zł
Cointreau 20ml 7zł


Żywiec non alcoholic 0.33l 7zł
Żywiec 0.5l 9zł
Żywiec 0.3l 7zł
Heineken 0.5l 10zł
Heineken 0.3l 8zł
Paulaner 0.5l 14zł
Buckwheat honey beer 0.5l 9zł
Klasztorne piwo 0.5l 9zł
Belfast 0.5l 9zł
Altbier 0.5l 9zł

Shot drinks

B-52 (20ml Kahula, 20ml Baileys, 20ml Cointreau) 14zł
Alternatywy 4 (60ml sok pomarańczowy, 20ml Cointreau, 40ml wódka) 14zł
Kamikadze Blue (40ml wódka, 20ml likier blue curacao, 20ml sok z cytryny) 14zł
Coco Blue (10ml syrop kokosowy, 40ml syrop blue curacao, 100ml sok grapefruitowy) 12zł
Sweet Berry (20ml syrop truskawkowy, 10ml syrop lime, 100ml sok pomarańczowy) 12zł

Long drinks

Mojito (40ml rum, woda gazowana) 18zł
Sex On the Beach (20ml likier brzoskwiniowy, 20ml malibu, 20ml wódka, 100ml sok pomarańczowy) 18zł
Cuba Libre (40ml rum, pepsi) 18zł
Orgazm (20ml baileys, 20ml amaretto, 20ml kahlua) 18zł
Cosmopolitan (sok z limonki, 20ml cointreau, 30ml sok z czarnej porzeczki, 30ml wódka) 18zł
Ole (20ml kahlua, 40ml teqila) (drink słodki) 20zł
Margarita (15ml sok z cytryny, 20ml cointreau, 40ml tequila) (drink wytrawny) 20zł
White Russian (20ml kahlua, 40ml wódka, 20ml mleko) 16zł
Black Russian (20ml kahlua, 40ml wódka) 16zł
Long Island Iced Tea (20ml rum, 20ml tequila, 20ml wódka, 20ml gin, 20ml cointreau, pepsi) 32zł

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